West Virginia University Slippers

Nickname/mascot: Mountaineers / The Mountaineer
School Color(s): Old Gold and Blue
Location: Morgantown, West Virginia
Undergraduate Students: 21,145
Founded: 1867
School Website: wvu.edu

Compare prices of West Virginia Mountaineers slippers and look at more choices

Retail Price: $28
Color(s): Blue and gold
Material(s): Foam and polyester
Review: This soft WVU slipper is comfortable to wear around the house but some people prefer having a back to their slippers so that the shoe is more securely fastened to the foot - particularly in the back heel region. Mountaineers fans concerned only with wearing between their bedroom and living room couch will find these to work nicely.

Retail Price: $31
Color(s): blue and bright yellow
Material(s): Polyester and rubber soles
Review: These West Virginia slipper shoes are in all actuality more like shoes than what is traditionally thought of as slippers. The comfort and lack of long term durability are what have garnered the moniker this piece of footwear goes by. Still for purchasers looking for a comfy indoor and outdoor shoe this selection is perfectly suited for WV fans.

Retail Price: $29
Color(s): Blue, white, and gold
Material(s): Foam and polyester
Review: If you're a University of West Virginia alumni looking for a comfortable indoor shoe this is a wonderful option. On the other hand Morgantown alums that need something with more versatility in terms of being able to use both indoors and outdoors will want something with at least a rubber sole and not a foam sole.

Compare prices of West Virginia Mountaineers slippers and look at more choices

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