Rutgers University Slippers

Nickname/mascot: Old Queen's / Scarlet Knights
School Color(s): Scarlet
Location: New Brunswick / Camden / Newark, New Jersey
Undergraduate Students: 38,902
Founded: 1766
School Website:

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Retail Price: $20
Color(s): Black and red
Material(s): Foam and polyester
Review: Sliding into a comfortable foam Rutgers slipper like the ones pictured to the left is a great treat when your feet are really killing you at the end of the day and just want some relief. The padded upper portion as well as the ultra thick sole makes this pair both fashionable for Rutgers University fans and comfortable to.

Retail Price: $25
Color(s): Black, scarlet, and white
Material(s): Polyester and foam
Review: These Scarlet Knights slippers are large and attractive for their playful nature and completely comfortable surrounding that keeps feet totally warm from the heel to the toes and then up the ankle. These indoor Rutgers slippers are machine washable so a quick run through the wash will make them as good as new.

Retail Price: $16
Color(s): Black and red
Material(s): Rubber soles
Review: Having a pair of Rutgers flip flop slippers in your closet is a much for New Jersey grads who proudly attended the school that was once part of the Colonial Colleges and served as one of the first North American institutions of higher learning. The red "R" logo on the black heel is a signature Rutgers University logo.

Compare prices of Rutgers slippers and look at more choices

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