University Slippers

How to use University Slippers:

Step 1
Scroll down to the college you're looking for, i.e. University of Florida.

Schools are alphabetized in the right hand column and sorted by conference below.

Note: We realize that a great deal of conference realignment has happened since we setup this format. We'll be updating the conference sorting once the conference realignment dust settles, although who knows when that will be. For simplicities sake we're keeping the old (pre-2010) conference alignments in place for now, because a lot of people still don't know where to place colleges in transition.

Step 2
Once you've selected a school look through the choices, read the information provided, and evaluate the analysis.

Step 3
Decide on the choice you like the most.

University slippers links are sorted below by conference:

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Ivy League Slippers
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